The Beauty of Being Beautiful

Victoria Robinson, Staff Reporter

       We all know that being beautiful isn’t everything. We also know that true beauty comes within, but in a society that uses body types as a trend we must talk about the beauty of being beautiful.

Whether we like it or not, pretty privilege can be a thing. You ever heard of someone getting out of a speeding ticket because they flashed their smile at the cop, or someone getting an extra cookie in the McDonalds drive thru just because they batted their eyes at the employee, or someone getting a job because they had “the look” the employers were looking for. If you have seen this firsthand, heard about it, or this has happened to you then you have been pretty privileged.

Pretty privilege does not mean that everybody is going to give you what you want when you want it. The fact of the matter is everyone might not find us attractive. Pretty privilege really is about when you find someone attractive and give them the upper hand in certain situations. It can be small like allowing them to cut in front of you or big like giving them a job. The real question is, is this a bad thing?

If we are being honest, it is human nature to gravitate toward what we like, so of course if somebody is physically attractive, you might be inclined to be a little nicer or pay more attention to them. Is that so wrong? Yes, that is where it becomes wrong. Can you help if you get pretty privilege, no, but you can stop yourself from treating someone a certain type of way just because of how they look. A lot of times we cannot control thinking someone is more attractive than the other, that is ok. It becomes a problem when we start putting those, we find more attractive on a pedestal.

Is this the most ideal situation we want to live in, no. Your physical appearance should not be a factor in how people treat you, but it is the reality of the world we live in. It is up to us to just be conscious of when it is being used or when to use it to our advantage.