Queen Elizabeth II Bio

Madyson Reid , Staff Reporter

The relevance of monarchy in the U.K. has always been a debated topic as time goes on. Many now believe that a monarch is no longer necessary due to the countries having a Prime minister. With the recent passing of the queen headlining in the news, the topic is becoming more heavily talked about. Many are especially questioning the UK’s reasoning due to most other countries abandoning that style of leadership. While monarchy is a dated way of leadership, it assists the country much more than it harms it.

Although Queen Elizabeth was known as the UK’s main leader, she still did not weigh in on any political matters in the country. The prime minister is the true political leader of the UK despite the Queen having more relevance than them. This increases the question of what the true role of a monarch is. Having a Prime minister and a Queen gives the country two executives, one to be the chief executive and one to be the chief of state. The Queen does not handle any official political matters, so she is there as the chief of state. Her role is to be a ceremonial leader for England instead of governing the country. The Prime Minister’s role is to be the true leader of the United Kingdom. They oversee the appointments of members of the government and lead the cabinet.

If the two roles were combined, then there is a higher chance of disapproval in the leader. In America, there is only one executive aka the president. The president has many ceremonial duties that they do as the chief of state. However, along with that they still must be the chief executive in political matters due to America’s lack of a second leader. This makes the president a less admired figure due to them having to show their political biases.

The true relevance of monarchy will continue to be a debated topic along with many other styles of leadership. Although it may not seem like it’s helpful, it is much more beneficial to the United Kingdom to have a monarch along with the Prime minister instead of a single executive.