Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe Falling Off?

Kosi Onyima, Staff Reporter

When you think of blockbuster movies, or successful franchises within the film industry, many will not hesitate to mention Marvel Entertainment for being a staple example. If counting the movies filmed under 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios have been consistently producing movies for more than 20 years, movies that for the most part are very successful. However, many fans are wondering whether or not Marvel has hit its peak in regard to recent projects.

The iconic closing of phase 3 with Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War was not just the end to a steady storyline, but an end to the screen time of many beloved actors who played a hand in making the films and characters authentic. Since then, fans have been expectantly waiting for the continuation of phase 4 and while Marvel has begun to usher in a new era, with new actors and plot, simultaneously there has been an influx of criticism. One of the biggest complaints being that there is just too much happening at once.

In the span of 18 months, Marvel Studios have released 15 different shows and movies, with more on the way to close off 2022. This is compared to the 13 films that made up phase 3 in a 4-year span. Kelly Dickson of The CBR writes in her article “Why the MCU Needs a Break” that the problem with such a content overload is that fans are being bombarded with too much. The whole point of the MCU is that there is a continued storyline and the films all tie in together. Dickson says that having to invest time and effort into what is supposed to be a hobby is beginning to feel like a chore to the fans.

It’s been speculated that the franchise is attempting to compensate for covid loss as well as trying to meet the demands of modern entertainment such as cameos, expectations, and social norms. Based on their release timeline, including their established dates for upcoming projects, Marvel Studios is pushing out the most content that its ever had. Yet in doing so in such a short period of time, the new stories being introduced feel underdeveloped and confusing as there seems to be too much emphasis in quantity over quality.

However, this recent change of pace Marvel Studios is bringing to their films is all part of their deigned plan in expanding the MCU. The company is trying to compensate for not just new characters but new ideas, storylines, and demands by the newer generation. In trying to achieve all this there is inevitably going to be differences in filming style compared to a Marvel movie from 2012 and 2022. What I believe is the reason for this recent criticism is that some fans aren’t used to this and miss the style that dominated the older movies. Yet with time and adjustment, they can recognize that there is a growing audience to cater to. Furthermore, nothing last forever however the change in Marvel does not mean that the company won’t deliver content that is not entertaining. Eventually these same critics may find themselves enjoying the new and improved MCU.