What our teachers want for Teacher Appreciation Week here at LWE!


Chayil Dozier , Staff Reporter

As the school year comes to an end, the time with our teachers is coming to an end as well. In the first week of May it is National Teacher Appreciation Week , on days May the 2nd to May the 6th, it is our time to express appreciation for all of the staff and faculty of our school: main office workers, principles, department directors, janitors, teachers and so many more . We want to ensure that our teachers know that we appreciate them and all the work that they do for us, but how? What is the best way to show appreciation to our teachers? I created a survey to answer just that. According to the survey results teachers want to be treated with respect and want students to be interactive and present in class. But number one thing teachers mentioned in their response is when students say thank you and notice the amount of work that they put into class. Another common saying in the responses was that, they feel appreciated when students want to have genuine conversations and strive to from relationship with the teacher. Our teachers deserve all the appreciation we have to offer, and we should show each staff more than enough appreciation for all that we do. Our school wouldn’t be the same without the countless number of staff and faculty that run our school behind the scenes. All of our schools silent ninjas who ensure our safety, take care of our school grounds, ensure that our needs our meet, ensure our stomachs get filled, and so much more. They make sure our school is up and running by the time we get here, so we should make this the best teacher appreciation week yet!