Fall Food Favorites


Maya Davis, Staff Reporter

There are many foods that are delicious to eat all year round, but here are some really good fall themed food that you just HAVE to eat this fall season.

• Pumpkin Bread-This is one of my favorite breads to eat (besides banana bread). It has a very subtle pumpkin flavor that makes you just want to eat the whole loaf. You can eat it with a side of coffee or tea, which just adds and little something extra to it.
• Cinnamon Rolls-This is a food that people tend to eat all year round, but I love to eat them during the fall because it’s very comforting in these cold fall months.
• Caramelized Apples- This is one of my favorite foods to eat for breakfast. It is a great side dish to waffles of pancakes.
• Candied Sweet Potato- This food is very versatile and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There best for dinner with roasted marshmallows on top or on top of some vanilla ice cream
• Chicken Pot Pie- This is another food that people eat all year round but is one of my favorites to eat during the fall season. This is especially great because you can make this with leftover chicken that you get after Thanksgiving.
Tamryn Williamson says,” My favorite fall foods are anything sweet potato and ham”. Overall, there are many different foods to eat during the fall and these are some foods that I think you should try this fall season.