My Experience at UW-Madison


Ezequiel Urcino , Staff Reporter

Recently, I visited the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I visited and applied there because it is one of the best research and science colleges in the Midwest. Their application process is a bit difficult because they require two well-written essays and are a very competitive and selective school, meaning they pick students with high GPAs and high SAT/ACT scores.
My favorite part while visiting the campus was seeing the two surrounding lakes and the tree colors. The surrounding environment was beautiful to look at, and many students go there to study or ride boats. I also enjoyed seeing the Wisconsin State Capitol. When looking pictures online it doesn’t look big, but it is huge when seeing it with your own eyes. The statue of Abraham Lincoln in front of Bascom Hall was also enjoyable to see, which is a very iconic and popular landmark on the campus. Furthermore, they have a big variety of programs to choose from. If you are having trouble looking for a major to pursue, I recommend looking at UW-Madison’s list of majors and minors. The only con about the university is that it is connected to the city of Madison, so it is a huge campus, and many students ride bikes to get to their classes. During the winter, students have to walk in the freezing temperatures, which makes it harder to get to class.
Overall, visiting UW-Madison was worth it. This university has many great opportunities for incoming freshmen to get involved in and out of the classroom. I would recommend this university to anyone who loves big cities and is undecided about his or her major.