How to Deal with Stress


Chayil Dozier , Staff Reporter

Life is hectic from going to soccer practice to studying for that math quiz tomorrow. Even if you aren’t in any sports/clubs, home life is hectic from postponed doctor’s appointments to in person birthday parties; trying to get back into the swing of life after being inside for a whole year can be stressful and overwhelming. Now more than ever our mental health needs to be taken into consideration when talking about our overall health. Sometimes, especially right now, our mental health needs to be taken care of just like the rest of us. Ms. Porter, one of our amazing school psychologists, encouraged all students to seek support from a trusted individual. A trusted individual doesn’t have to be a parent or a coach, it could be a school counselor or a teacher, the main goal is to talk to someone that you trust. She told me that distractions will assist with coping with stress: reading a book, watching a movie, listening to music, mediating, exercising, dancing, anything to get your mind off all the stressors of life. There are so many stress relievers, and you might find one that the best ones are often the simplest. My favorite stress reliver is to watch funny videos, whether it be a funny TikTok or my favorite comedian-anything to get me laughing relieves stress. There are some great peole in our building to help if you are feeling stressed and they are: Ms. Porter, Mr. Decker, Mr. Davis, Mr. Egner and Ms. Tiffy.