Take Care of Yourself!

Ava Angone , Staff Reporter

With the winter months fast approaching, we need to continue to take care of ourselves. Sometimes with the wintry weather and shorter daylight it is easy to lay in bed as soon as you get home from school. Some ways to keep yourself active during the winter months are cooking or baking, hanging out with friends, having a selfcare day, and working out. There are many things you can cook or bake in the winter. Some ideas are chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread cookies, and on a chilly day chicken noodle soup. You can also hangout with friends and try some new hobbies together like painting, taking pictures, and in the winter ice skating. If you are looking for some more self-care-based ideas you can take a bath, do a facemask, clean your room, or make some popcorn and watch a movie. Lastly you could always go on a walk or go to the gym. Getting a workout in is always a fantastic way to make yourself feel good. Make sure to take care of yourself in the coming winter months.