New Club Alert! Introducing, Fempower.


Ramona Meszaros , Staff Reporter

Feminism – defined as the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. (Oxford Dictionary).

Every year, new clubs are addded to Lincoln-Way East’s lineup, and in 2021, Fempower was one of them! To start off, there is the common misconception that feminism, and feminists, believe that women are superior. However, that simply is not true. Specifically, the new Fempower club was created because senior and elected club president Cora Goodwin “thought our school needed a safe place to share our stories on how gender inequality affects some of us on a daily basis”. There is also another misconception that fempower is a “Girls Only” club. That’s not true either! Anyone, no matter their gender identity, is welcome to join! Being the new club that it is, there are still some foundations that need to be set as the club gets started for the year. When interviewed about her goals for the club, president Goodwin responded that her goals for the 2021-2022 school year are to “establish a base and develop credibility for the club so that they may do more in the future.” There may be some fundraisers later in the year to help raise money for potential projects or activities, in addition to a social medial outreach. Pay attention to the announcements for upcoming meetings, and until then, have a safe October everyone!