Homecoming Week


Lexi Wols , Staff Reporter

It’s homecoming week here at LWE! The homecoming dance, homecoming olympics, homecoming dress up days, homecoming assembly and homecoming football game are all back! There are plenty of ways to participate and make the absolute best out of such an action packed week. The week starts off with the dress up theme Y2K Day: Show up to school in your best 2000’s themed outfit. It’s the most important for the homecoming Olympics teams to participate in the dress up themes to rack up as many points as possible. The points may come down to the wire, and the dress up days can be the determining factor. Later that day will be the start of the Homecoming Olympics. The events include: Wacky Tricycle, Knight Joust, Double Pop a Shot, Tug of War, and Soccer Dart. Tuesday is Twin Tuesday. Dressing up the same as one of your friends is an easy way to participate in this week. Wednesday’s dress up theme is Classy vs. Comfy: Juniors & Seniors get to relax in their pajamas & Freshman & Sophomores get to bring out their fanciest outfit. Wednesday is also the final day of Homecoming Olympics with the dodgeball tournament. Thursday’s theme is another easy way to show your homecoming spirit by wearing your favorite college gear. Friday is black and blue day: wear your very best Griffin pride outfit, go all out! The homecoming assembly will take place in the afternoon, and it is the best way for people to get hyped up for the big weekend ahead. Senior Cora Goodwin gives some secret insight on the weekend, “I’m so excited for homecoming this year and the assembly. I cant wait to see the staff vs students sing/rap/dance battle because the teachers are hilarious. Also, I cant wait to watch the wicked soccer ball game because it is always so fun watching students bring the teachers down and vice versa. I’ve seen the set up for homecoming from some digital representation. It looks amazing, way better than years past because it’s not in a sweaty gym anymore. There will be food trucks and a ton of cool lights. It looks like a festival. I cant wait!” The football team will go head to head with Sandburg. STUDENTS! PACK THE STANDS! The energy is absolutely unmatched, and homecoming is always one of the most special games. Senior Varsity Poms team member Emma Zednick states, “I cannot wait to perform at the homecoming game. The homecoming routine is always one of the best!” This week is especially important for seniors, as it’s our last year to experience all the special homecoming festivities. Senior Chloe Friend expresses, “Homecoming week has always been my favorite week of the year, and I’m so happy we’re able to have it one last time for our senior year!” The weekend will end with the Eastronomical Homecoming Dance! If you take anything from this, please soak up this entire week and participate as much as you can, while you can. High school flies by and these experiences shouldn’t be taken for granted. We are so lucky that we are able to have a close to normal experience with our entire school. Happy Homecoming Week!