Homecoming in 2021


Hailee Marek , Staff Reporter

This year isn’t a typical year, but at least it’s getting closer to normal which means that school events are allowed to happen again. Going to the football games, having everyone back in school, and especially going to school dances are all things students are enjoying. This years homecoming isn’t going to be a typical one. Who would’ve thought homecoming would ever be in the parking lot. Perks of having it in the parking lot are we aren’t going to be super hot and sweaty in the gym and we don’t have to wear masks. After asking a few seniors, they said that they would most likely not go if we had to wear a mask. The Pitbull concert also influenced our student council with their theme: Out of This World. With a week filled with great themes and a neon theme for the football game, school is starting to finally become normal again. The homecoming is also supposed to have food trucks which the school typically doesn’t serve warm food for te dance. Many students are super excited about this homecoming and think it will be a blast. Despite it not being in the gym, homecoming will be a new fun experience for everyone.