Chicago During the Fall; What You Can Do!


Morgan Mucha , Staff Reporter

Chicago has many fun, interesting events and activities that you could do during autumn. While the leaves are falling and you are gripping your hot chocolate, you can enjoy some fun! We will be talking about five extremely enjoyable events in Chicago that happen during the fall! Enjoy! The first one we will be discussing is to visit Chicago’s local farmers markets, where you can find homegrown fruits and vegetables, along with the traditional fall pumpkins. There are many farmers markets around the Chicago area, both downtown and outside of the typical Chicago outskirts. There are both fall and regular themed farmers markets, which incorporate the outside climate into the market. The orange and yellow leaves crunching below your feet while viewing the fresh grown produce will certainly put you into the Halloween mood. The second fun activity is to take the Chicago Architecture Cruise. This cruise goes around the downtown Chicago area, where you will look at old, gothic Chicago architecture and the history around it. Make sure to bring warm attire though because this is generally on the surface of Lake Michigan, where it can get chilly. You will go past numerous landmarks that provide an insight into how certain buildings within Chicago came to be. This is an amazing opportunity to both learn about this city and to view it for all of its beauty during the fall from the lake. The third fun activity is to visit a pumpkin patch. When you think of a pumpkin patch, you probably think of a traditional farm area where only pumpkins are supplied. These Chicago patches are different though. They are located around the Chicago area and though they have pumpkins, they hold much more excitement. At these patches, there are booths to purchase fall decorations for your home, compete in contests of all sorts, and even pick your own apples of all varieties! So, if you aren’t a pumpkin person, you can still enjoy yourself through the other sources of fun! The fourth fun activity is to take a nice walk in the brisk air through Millennium Park! For those who aren’t familiar with this park, do you recognize the art piece, The Bean? Well, this is located in this particular park! There are calming paths lined with orange, yellow, and red trees, companied by stands to purchase warm beverages. Through this park, you can also look at Lake Michigan! So, take a trip to Millennium Park, where you can admire Chicago’s fall beauty. Lastly, another thing that you can do in Chicago during the fall is to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo! This zoo holds amazing, exotic animals that can be seen, and some can even be petted! If you are a huge animal lover, this is the place for you! There are lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! So, take a trip to Chicago and take in the fall atmosphere. You will not regret it!