Early Chicago Bears Prediction for 2022 Season

Jake Petak , Staff Reporter

Before we get into the Bears 2022 season, we must cover the Bears’ offseason. The Bears’ offseason was solid compared to other teams’ offseason. The main moves were franchise tagging wide receiver Allen Robinson who had over 100 receptions last season. They signed Andy Dalton who was the Bengals quarterback last season, which does not make too much sense after the first draft pick in this year’s draft who was Justin Fields. It is exciting to see that the Bears might have a good quarterback for the future in Justin Fields. One terrible thing that happened in the offseason was they let cornerback Kyle Fuller walk due to cap space. Now, on to the Bears’ 2022 season. Even though the Bears had a good offseason I do not think they are going to have much of a run for the playoffs this year. The Bears’ defense has been declining every year and just has not been as dominant. I think for the Bears to have a great run for the playoffs Justin Fields is going to have to be on the field, and he is going to have to have an outstanding rookie season for the Bears. Also, the defense is going to have to step it up and start dominating again because the Bears offense just can’t carry the Bears’ defense. Let’s watch and see how things unfold.