Megan Phillips , Staff Reporter

Although this year looks extremely different for all sports here at Lincoln-Way East, the cheerleading team did not fear and continued their legacy by taking home another state championship. This year the team competed by submitting a video and then the performances were live streamed along with the awards. Here are a few words from sophomore Lauren Vanderkooi when asked, how did you and your team adapt to this chaotic year? “This year was difficult because of all the rule changes and because we had to take a few breaks throughout the season. But, I think we handled the changes of being unable to do stunting, having to wear masks (at least at the beginning of the season) and having to film instead of being in person well.” Her response to the most challenging part was, “One of the most challenging and frustrating parts of this season was the fact that they took out stunting this year. It’s a whole category of our score sheet and like 2/3 of our routine that they just took out.” The cheerleaders continued to show excellence amongst the guidelines this season even when it was tough. The girls never disappoint and had an absolutely flawless routine by bringing home a score of 98.73 and another trophy.