COVID-19 Spring Break Activities


Mario Zambrano, Staff Reporter

It is so crazy that it has been a whole year already since COVID has made its appearance. However with the restrictions decreasing in Illinois, there are many safe activities to do this Spring Break while still being respectful towards others during COVID. In Chicago, you and some friends can go out to dinner while still wearing your masks because unlike last year many restaurants are open to 50% capacity. For example, Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse is a great example of a place where you and some friends can go enjoy some good food while in this pandemic because this restaurant is at 60% capacity. Maybe you are not looking for food and you or your group are the more artistic type and want to go visit a museum. Then you are in luck because one of the many museums that are open is the classic and most known, The Field Museum, which follows the same guidelines the restaurant I talked with masks being mandatory, 6ft distance, and limited tickets to keep the museum under 50% capacity. There are many other things in Chicago you can do or simply you and some friends can just walk the city and take in the city and what it offers.