Chicago Bears Offseason 2021

Jake Petak , Staff Reporter

These past two years for the Chicago Bears have been nothing less than disappointing. They went 8-8 for the 2019 season and 2020 season. Right now, the Bears are in quite the tough spot for this year’s offseason due to their players’ contracts and having the 20-overall pick in this year’s draft. Let’s go over what the Bears have done so far in this year’s offseason. Pretty much the only significant thing they have done is franchise tag Allen Robinson II, and sign Andy Dalton. They needed to tag Robinson because they wouldn’t have much of an offense if they didn’t sign him. The only reason why Andy Dalton was signed is because the Seattle Seahawks are not willing to trade Russell Wilson right now, and the only other quarterback out there was Deshaun Watson. For the Bears to get Deshaun Watson, they would have had to trade the whole team and draft picks away, and that’s just not smart to do with the situation the Bears are in right now. If the Bears are still looking to make a run in this year’s playoffs, they need to surround themselves with better players. They just released offensive tackle Bobbie Massie which means they should be looking to draft a tackle in this year’s draft. A good tackle to get would be Teven Jenkins out of Oklahoma State. Next the Bears could also go after defensive tackle Jurrell Casey. This could add to the Bears stout defense as he was ranked 71 on last year’s top 100 players of the year. Even though the Seahawks said that they are not willing to trade QB Russell Wilson does not mean they won’t later. There have been some rumors that there could be a three-way trade between the Jets, the Bears, and the Seahawks. This trade would lead to the Bears getting Russell Wilson. I really hope the Bears can land on some of these guys this offseason because if they don’t, I don’t think they are going to have much of a chance next season for the playoffs