With These Colleges, The Opportunities Are Endless!


Morgan Mucha , Staff Reporter

With college season here and students finally starting to hear back from the common application, the upcoming classmen are having a difficult time deciding on what colleges are right for them both academically and socially! I know how difficult it could be to make such a huge decision within such a short period time. That’s what this article is here for. We will be discussing what colleges are both academically pleasing and perfect for you.

The first college I will be discussing is Pace University. With the main campus located in New York City, Pace has extraordinary academics in business, behavioral neuroscience, and many types of humanities! If you love the city and plan to establish a career in any of the majors or minors stated above, Pace is great for you!

The next college I will be discussing is University of San Diego! With the main campus 5 minutes away from the beach, this college is perfect for beach lovers! The academics are especially breathtaking with over 40 majors and an almost equal number of minors. The main majors are biochemistry, psychology, marine biology, and many more.

Our second to last university we will be discussing is Fordham University. With the main campus also in New York City, or the Bronx, Fordham University not only has sights but also astronomical ways to establish a career in a numerous number of majors! The main campuses are Rose Hill and Lincoln Center!

The last college we will be discussing in this article is University of San Francisco! With the golden gate bridge right at the window of your classroom, the opportunities are endless both inside and outside of the classroom!

There are an infinite number of colleges throughout the United States and beyond, but for this article I decided to focus on the two main coasts! I hope I helped you one way or another with either your college decisions or applications!