The Second City

Owen Christensen, Staff Reporter

For those who don’t know The Second City is a comedy theater in Chicago known for having some of the most famous comedians, such as Steve Carell from the office. The Second City is a hot spot for many aspiring comedians and hosting sketch shows and improv classes. Recently since COVID-19 it has been going through a tough time opening back up. This led this hot tourist spot to be set up for auction. Second City needs the funding from an owner to keep open for future comedians. They have also tried to reform from its past. Second City has been known for being one of the earliest comedy clubs to diversify and accept other races back in the 1980’s. They wish to help any comedian reach their dreams or goal in the entertainment business. Most Chicagoans seem concerned for this auction because they are afraid large corporations will take away the creativity in the Second City. Potential buyers that seem interested are large media companies. However, there is hope for the theater with the thousands of Chicagoans who are showing support for this comedy relic.