Marching Band


Maddie Clark, Staff Reporter

On Saturday, October 10, the Lincoln-Way Marching Band performed their 2020 show in front of an audience for the first and last time. The show, titled “In This Together,” was performed several times for different groups of the band members’ parents at Lincoln-Way West. It was not the marching band season many had hoped for, but they still made the best of it.

2020 was supposed to be a big year for the Lincoln-Way Marching Band. They were scheduled to take a trip to New York and take part in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused all parades and competitions to be cancelled. Despite the disappointment, the LWMB members didn’t quit. With a shorter rehearsal schedule and lots of social distancing guidelines, the marching band started having rehearsals in June that continued until their final performance. “The pandemic really changed how marching band used to work, but in my experience, I think it just shows how much we all care about the organization and how we stayed with it,” Lydia Bednar, a Lincoln-Way East senior and Color Guard Captain said. “Everyone is going through the same thing, but the outcome is always worth it.”

The LWMB was disappointed by the news of the cancellation of parades and competitions, but the members recognized that winning competitions and performing in parades was only part of the joys of being in marching band. East senior Josie LaPapa, one of the LWMB’s drum majors, said, “It gave me the chance to slow down and appreciate the little things band had to offer, like the friendships and raw music.” 2020 was a year for the band to focus on creating something for other people to enjoy, and even though they would only be able to perform for an audience a few times, they still put a lot of effort into this year’s show.

In the absence of the band’s regular competition-full schedule, people wanted a special way to commemorate this year’s unusual season. On October 10, during the performances for the parents, the show was professionally filmed using cameras and drones. In addition, members were sometimes filmed during rehearsals, and many of the band’s seniors were interviewed. Clips of the interviews and the band’s performance were edited together to make a mini-documentary of the 2020 season. The video can be found on the Lincoln-Way Marching Band YouTube channel or on the Lincoln-Way Music Department’s website at

“I felt so proud of all the work my peers and I have done, so it was a really emotional experience to see everything culminate into such a special show,” Josie LaPapa said. Even though this year was unusual, the Lincoln-Way Marching Band did not quit. They made the best of what they had, put in a lot of effort, and created an amazing show. For me, a freshman in the marching band, it was a really impactful experience to see everyone come together to create this show. It gave me a sense of how connected everyone is and how being in the LWMB is like being part of a family.