The Halloween Candy Debate


Kevin Cech, Staff Reporter

Halloween candy can be a very opinionated topic. Everyone has a different set of taste buds, obviously, so this creates a lot of debate between candy lovers about what candy is the best and the worst. I asked Jacob Hrkel what his favorite and least favorite candies were, and he said, “I really enjoy a good Snickers bar or a Reese’s cup. And I never eat the tootsie rolls when I get them. I don’t like them.” When I asked other students, many of them had the same response, in terms of favorite candy, as Jacob. Reese’s and Snickers seem to be the favorite among the school. However, I asked his brother, Kyle Hrkel, and he said, “My favorite is between the Milky Way and a good 3 Musketeer bar. And I dislike whoppers very much.” When asked, students agreed with Kyle on the Milky Way and 3 Musketeers being good candy bars, but not the best. There is also the topic of the amount of a certain type of candy that you receive on Halloween. I asked Owen Frickenstein what the most frequent type of candy he got, and he replied, “I’d probably say either Snickers or Twix is the most frequent.” Many other students agreed with the Snickers bar, but others also said that their most common bar was a Reese’s cup. In conclusion, Snickers and Reese’s seem to be the overall most liked and most common among the students of Lincoln-Way East.