College Visits During a Pandemic


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Ava Angone , Staff Reporter

Many students are looking to attend college soon and want to go to a school that best fits them. But how do we know if the school is best since we are in a pandemic? Well, many schools are offering small group tours on campus. From experience, my tour was very one on one and helpful to me. I went to Western Michigan University a couple of weeks ago to see the campus and had a one on one tour with a student on campus. The tour was about an hour and a half, and we got to walk to about every building. We were not able to go inside some buildings but most we got to go inside. My favorite part of the tour was how it was personalized for what I am looking into studying. So, we went into more depth for buildings that I would potentially spend more time in. We always had to wear our masks at all times and stay six feet apart to keep everyone safe. On the other hand, if the school you are looking at doesn’t have on campus tours, virtual tours are also a great option. Virtual tours show the campus from the comfort of your own home. These are also an hour or two but may be less personalized. Colleges have been available for phone calls and questions about their school. In my opinion if the school offers on campus tours and you feel comfortable going, I think it may be a better option.