Lincoln-Way East Varsity Cheer During Covid


Taryn Mainwaring , Staff Reporter

Covid-19 has changed the way everyone in the country used to live. Wearing masks everywhere you go has become the norm. Everyone around the world has had to adapt to the many changes that covid brought with it. The Lincoln-Way East Varsity cheer team along with every other cheer team and sports team in the state, has had to learn to practice with masks on. As of right now, high school cheer teams in Illinois are not allowed to stunt, which is a main part of cheerleading and what cheerleading is all about. Although this is not ideal to many cheerleaders in Illinois, it is the closest we are to getting our sport back completely. The Lincoln-Way East Varsity Cheer team stays positive and hopeful during these times and makes sure every practice matters and every practice is productive. They’ve learned to condition, jump, tumble, and run through routines with masks on, which is definitely not easy. Covid has given cheer teams in Illinois many setbacks, but East Varsity cheer is pushing through and staying positive that they will be able to get their sport back soon!