Effective Cleaning Equipment to Use in Your Day to Day Life

Omar Shatat , Staff Reporter

A Broom, Dustpan and Mop
When you need to swiftly clean hard tile and hard wood floors, a broom with a dustpan is a great way to get that done. Some types of floors that work well with a broom are wood, tile, cork, and linoleum. It’s good to use a mop to clean up spills on the floor rather than using a broom which is better for crumbs and dust.

Microfiber Cloths
When your windows need to be cleaned and you don’t want to leave a mark, a microfiber cloth is an amazing way to get that done. All you must do is use a little bit of water and the job should be done.

A Bucket
Buckets are great for using for many things such as using a mop and even storing extra cleaning supplies.

A Sponge
There are different types of sponges depending on what you are cleaning. Sponges can be used for a multitude of things such as cleaning dirty surfaces and especially for cleaning your dishes.

A Vacuum
When you have dirty carpet that needs to be cleaned a vacuum is the go-to cleaning equipment. They work quickly and very easy to clean because all you need to dispose all of the dirt and dust into the trash.