How do people feel about e-learning?

Megan Phillips , Staff Reporter

When I think back about 6 months ago, a life changing global pandemic would never cross my mind. As the pandemic was occurring, many different thoughts and ideas were up in the air about the plan for returning to school. Opinions were varying all around Frankfort, but the decision was up to the Lincoln-Way board. There are many students who like e-learning while others don’t. Here are a few words from a junior, Shea Maney, “E-learning has definitely surprised me. I thought I would hate it, but I like being able to sleep in and having my own routine. I also like the breaks in between classes and being able to eat lunch at my own house every day.” On the contrary freshman, Lauren Vanderkooi said, “I miss my friends so much! I would do anything to be able to see them again. I also miss the connection you get with your teachers. I also feel as if e-learning is a lot harder and I’m not very good with technology.” Many seniors want to get back to school because it is their last year, and they feel as if they are missing out. I hope to get back to school soon and make things more normal as the year goes on. This has been a year of uncertainty, and we have to live day by day.