Fun Things to do During Quarantine


Maya Davis, Staff Reporter

During this weird time, a lot of us need something to take our minds off the stress and anxiety that we have due to this virus. The only thing is we cannot go outside and do anything at the places we used to go to for fun. So, here are some fun things to do in the house that you can do by yourself or with friends and family.

• Cook a recipe or make your own new recipe
• Turn your house into a movie theater and watch a movie marathon
• Learn how to play a new instrument
• Start your own business (or continue making your business because now you have the time)
• Do a virtual game night with your friends
• If your tired of being in the house, try doing daily walks or jogs around the neighborhood
• Take a Masterclass
• Learn a new language
• Do arts and crafts projects or DIY a household project
• Make a garden
• Get a new wardrobe so when we get out this quarantine, you will come out stylish

Whatever you do, make sure to follow the CDC social distance guidelines and always wear your mask when around others that are not your immediate family