3 Most Common Masks to Wear

Mary O'Neill, Staff Reporter

Due to the current widespread of Corona Virus, many states, including Illinois have mandated you wear masks out in public. Most stores and shops around won’t even let you come in if one isn’t wearing a face mask. Here are the different types of masks and how they all work:

1. Surgical Masks
The surgical mask is one of the most commonly used face coverings out there. They connect around the ears and have a metal piece of wire to press down around the nose. These are very reliable to use, although you are not able to reuse these and must throw them out immediately to stop risk of spreading germs.

2. Cloth Masks
Cloth masks are often made at home and worn connected around the ears. Depending on the cloth mask, it may or may not have the metal wire to press down at the nose. These masks are a great way to save money because they are reusable. All you must do is throw them in the wash once you get home, so you don’t spread any germs.

3. Bandanas
Bandanas are square pieces of cloth, folded to the corners, and tied around the neck to create a barrier. These bandanas are very loose-fitting and slip down the nose quite a bit. These are also reusable and must be washed when one gets home to stop the risk of spreading any germs.