Socially Distanced Fall Activites to do with Friends

Jocelyn Harbeck , Staff Reporter

Covid –19 put everyone’s life on pause but don’t let it stop you and your friends from doing fun fall activities together! My best advice is to try and do activities outside as much as possible and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. Going to a pumpkin patch is the simplest and but still one of the best activities to do with friends. Going to a pumpkin patch means you can not only find a pumpkin to carve later, on but you can also take some good pictures for social media as well as do all the fun mazes they have. Speaking of mazes, a corn maze can be a great way to spend your weekend especially if you add some scare by going at night. Lastly another great activity to do with friends or family would be to go apple picking. Not only can you get great apples to later use to make fall treats and snacks but also take more cute photos with friends and family to remember the memories you make. You don’t have to let covid-19 stop you from doing all the fun activities you usually do just make sure to continue to use good hygiene and wear your masks as much as possible!