Seeing Friends While Staying Safe


Ramona Meszaros , Staff Reporter

Covid-19 has taken a toll on all of us in different ways, but I think everyone can agree that sometimes all we need is a little time with our friends. However, given the circumstances that we’ve all been thrown into, getting together with people now takes a little more thought than it did before. It’s not as easy to put something together last minute, while keeping the current CDC guidelines in mind. As of September 11th, 2020, the CDC guidelines state that you should prioritize outdoor gatherings over indoor ones, and practice social distancing with people who do not live in your household. As far as indoor gatherings are concerned, if there are no other options for locations, keep as far a distance from others as possible and have everyone wear a mask. If possible, open windows to increase the airflow. For the fall/Halloween season, there are many possibilities for hangouts while still keeping safe.
For the more artsy people, setting up a pumpkin carving/painting table in a garage or yard could be an option to consider. As the weather cools down, bonfires are always nice, and you can always make the classic s’mores, or even try to cook your dinner over the fire! On a related note, before it gets too cold, you could get a group of friends (or even your family) and have a backyard camp out. If everyone sets up their own tent, you could create a mini camp site in your very own backyard, and everyone would have their own space. There are also some other outdoor places you can visit, such as the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois, and Country Line Orchard which is in Hobart, Indiana. I’ve visited both very recently and both locations have policies in place to keep everyone safe.
If you are looking for a quicker activity, there are several other options. As far as food goes, many restaurants are now offering outdoor seating, but be sure to call ahead and make a reservation and check the weather before going! Takeout is available at most restaurants, and if the weather permits, a picnic at a park or in a backyard is always so fun . Otherwise, you could set up a picnic in your garage with the door open!
It may not always be an option to do things outside as the weather gets colder, but make sure that you’re always making the best decision for your family and friend’s health. If meeting up in person is not an option at all, try online escape rooms while face-timing your friends, or even online game nights with family. Make sure to stay safe and take care of yourself during this crazy time!