Ice Cream Treats Before Snow


Hailee Marek , Staff Reporter

1. Dairy Queen
Dairy queen is a customer favorite. According to Spoon University, there are 11 favorite blizzards that customers love. At number 4, there is the Oreo blizzard which is made with vanilla ice cream mixed with crushed Oreos. The number 3, fan favorite is the cookie dough blizzard which is made with vanilla ice cream, fudge, and chocolate chip cookie dough bits. Number 2 is the s’mores blizzard which has graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows. Lastly, at number 1 is the salted caramel truffle blizzard which includes toffee, fudge, chocolate chunks, and salted caramel truffles. Some Dairy Queen locations also offer fast food including chicken tenders, cheeseburgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, hotdogs, and salads.
2. Oberweis
Oberweis is most known for their milk, but they also have very good ice cream. Oberweis stores are only located in the Midwest but according to the reviews on Trip Advisor the people from the southern states have said Oberweis is the best ice cream place to go. Many people love their shakes and sundaes. The recommended ice cream flavor is vanilla, but people say every flavor is delicious. The ice cream shops also sell milk which most people leave with and bring home after they eat their ice cream. Oberweis is a little pricier than most ice cream shops, but it is definitely worth the extra few dollars.
3. Coldstone
Coldstone ice cream is also very tasty, and they are especially known for their ice cream cakes. They have 20 signature flavors and their employees also sing when you tip them. The mixed ice cream flavors are mixed with whichever toppings you would like and the different variety of ice cream flavors they have also. The fourth best signature flavor is the cookie monster which is mint chocolate chip ice cream mixed with Oreos and fudge drizzle. At number 3 is the cheesecake fantasy which includes cheesecake ice cream, graham cracker crust, blueberries, and strawberries. Number 2 is the Germanchökolätekäke which has chocolate ice cream with pecans, coconut, brownie and caramel in it. At number 1 is the birthday cake remix which includes cake batter ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, brownies, and fudge. At Coldstone the ice cream cakes are customizable, and you can put anything in and on top of them.
4. Baskin Robbins
Baskin Robbins offers a variety of 31 different flavors to choose from. They also offer ice cream cakes, shakes, sundaes, and cappuccino blasts. A cappuccino blast is a mix of whatever ice cream you choose, ice, and the cappuccino blast mix topped with whipped cream and cinnamon if you choose. According to, the third favorite flavor is Jamoca Almond fudge. Jamoca stands for ‘coffee flavored”, so the ice cream consists of coffee flavored ice cream, roasted almonds, and chocolate flavored ribbon ice cream too. At number 2 is rainbow sherbert which also looks as good as it tastes. The ice cream is a combination of orange, pineapple, and raspberry sherbet ice cream combined into one. Lastly, at number one we have mint chocolate chip. Coming from experience working at a Dunkin and Baskin Robbins, people do order mint chocolate chip shakes a lot. You can get the ice cream in a variety of cones including cake, waffle, sugar, and all these cones can be dipped in chocolate also. This year they also came out with ice cream in either a unicorn, monster, or mermaid cup, with your choice of any ice cream, topped with sprinkles and a white chocolate shape of either a unicorn horn, mermaid tail, or a monster horn. Those are called creature creations, and they also come with a headband of whatever type of creature creation you chose.