Pros and Cons to E-Learning for Students




Sydney Johnson, Staff Reporter


• Some people can’t learn as well and would like to be more hands on with things
• You are isolated more and it is harder to make relationships with people
• Tech issues can limit a student’s learning which is out of their control
• It is harder to find motivation for some students to complete their work
• Student feedback is limited
• Time management skills are very important but hard for some people
• Lack of communication skills in online students
• Preventing cheating is harder for teachers
• Technology is hard to maneuver for some people
• Learning more material on our own with limited class time
• Students can forget about an assignment because everything is in one place and things cannot
get saved or get lost
• Some students complete assignments but forget to press the finalization button to turn it in,
and it ends up being late
• People are not as active and just stay in the same place every day

• You have time in between classes to work on assignments and things are more flexible
• You can be mobile and move around the house, or you can be at someone else’s house or even out
of town
• Being able to review the lectures or classroom materials multiple times
• Paperless education and no transportation are better for the environment
• A later start for those kids who like to go to bed late
• Classes every other day, therefore a bit more manageable for most kids
• Easier for students to attend office hours and get one on one help
• Eases social anxiety for some students
• Students can eat healthier now that they can have a home cooked meal for lunch