How to Make a Mask


Kate Hackett , Staff Reporter

During this pandemic, it has been required at a lot of places to wear mask. They can be hard to find, but they are very easy to make. You do not need many materials, and you can make them at your home and with many different things. For the material you can use a bandana or a cotton type material. You want a material that will stop droplets and aerosols. A good way of testing to see if you have a good material is if you have a candle and you put your mask on and see if you can blow out the flame. If you can then it is not the best, but if you can’t you have a good material. First, you want to cut out a 8 in by 12-14in rectangle of fabric. Next, you want to measure out and cut elastic that will fit you face correctly about 7in. Then you should take your rectangle and fold it in half inside out and put your elastic on the inside of it in between the 2 sides, one end of the elastic on the top and one being on the bottom. Then you should sew down the sides sewing the elastic and 2 sides together. When doing this, you want to continue your sewing on to the side where the 2 flaps fold together leaving a small hole in the middle. Next you want to push all your material out through the hole and flip it right side out. After this, you want to sew along the side with the hole and the side opposite of that. Next, you are going to make 1/2in pleats and sew them. That is how you can make your own mask at home.