Ways to Manage Time During Covid-19.

Chayil Dozier , Staff Reporter

There are many ways to manage your time on paper or in your phone. I would suggest using paper rather than a phone but using a phone is more convenient. Here are my favorite ways I manage my time and priorities:

1. Schedule-
(Ex. 5:00-6:00 am shower and change)

With a schedule it is very numbers based and is easy to miscount your time. An easy way to make sure you stay on schedule is to have alarms at certain times to look at the schedule or to do a certain task. Also printing a schedule and placing it somewhere that you look at often can help keep track of where you are supposed to be at that time. If you have tried to use a schedule and failed, I would suggest making it very loose (meaning not by the minute but by the hour or half an hour). Here is an example of a schedule: (This is my sibling’s school day schedule)

2. Eiesenhower Matrix-
This is a day to day prioritizer and not time or number based at all. The Eiesenhower Matrix uses 4 boxes to divide task by how important they are.