Disney+ Review


Kevin Cech, Staff Reporter

Disney+ is a streaming service that can be paid for monthly for just $6.99 a month or $70 for a whole year. Now that sounds like a good deal! I asked Kyle Hrkel what he thought of the price and he replied, “Sounds great. That seems very cheap compared to what other streaming services have to offer.” Moving on to the entertainment options that Disney+ offers. It has movies and shows for the younger audience and a variety of shows and movies for the older audience. It is also the home of a few entertainment services, such as Marvel and Pixar. I asked a group of people what they thought about the movie and show selection and most of them agreed on the service offering a lot of great options. Others would tell me that Disney needs to add the movies in a series, such as X-Men. Disney released the first movie of the original trilogy but not the rest. They also released the newer X-Men movies without releasing the old ones first. In conclusion, Disney+ isn’t a perfect streaming service, but it is a pretty cheap and reliable way to watch great movies.