Working During a Pandemic


Ava Angone, Staff Reporter

Covid-19 has affected everyone’s life in many ways. One of the major areas that has drastically changed has been the work environment during a pandemic. From experience, working in a restaurant or fast-food place is remotely the same besides the indoor seating guidelines. Also, more cleaning and precautions are taken now like wearing a mask and social distancing between tables. The most changes have been in office buildings and schools. Most offices have luckily been able to keep most of their employees’ home and allow them to work from home. If people want to go into their office, they must maintain social distancing and only a certain number of employees are allowed in the office each day. From experience if someone around you or that you work with in the office comes down with Covid, you may be required to quarantine to keep the rest of the office safe. This makes working at home more useful to keep everyone safe and keep the virus from spreading. Keeping employees home also helps with keeping people off the trains, buses, and in the city in general. The more people that use public transportation the greater the risk. Even though the staff are taking the necessary precautions like cleaning and closing seats in between people, there is still always a chance of exposure. Along with office building workers, teachers have also had to adjust to a new way of teaching and doing their job. For e-learning, I can only imagine how difficult it was to connect with students without seeing them in person. Some teachers taught in an empty classroom on Zoom or WebEx for every class. Some were able to teach from their home but still doing online teaching. There were lots of struggles with e-learning because technology does not always agree with everyone. The internet would kick people out of the call or cause them to lose the volume/sound during a call. It was just not ideal to get the best out of school and learning. Now that we are hybrid learning and can be with our teachers in person, we are able to connect with our teachers and ask questions in person. Teachers can finally do interactive activities, social distanced of course, in class. The teachers are happy to see everyone and communicate in person with each of their students. Overall, every job has been affected by Covid-19 and in all different ways.