Girls Track and Field Season


Grace Newton, Staff Reporter

As track season is beginning, the team unfortunately lost some key runners due to graduation, but at the start of the season some new upcoming runners want to make their mark. A member of the team, Kate Guderjan, who’s a distance runner says, “I only joined track because my parents forced me too, but I stayed because of the team and to get in shape. I recommend for people to join track because you meet a lot of people, and it’s fun to look forward to before/after school practices.” Also, another distance runner named Hallie Hoger gives her opinions, “I joined track because I thought it would be fun, and I stayed in track because I made a lot of friends and the meets are fun. I recommend people to join track because you make a lot of friends.” Primarily, a senior on D-squad, Olivia Jacobs has her reasons why she tried out for track, “My mom made me do cross country in 7th grade, and I ended up liking it because of the people, and it was a sport that I was somewhat decent at so I decided to do track to that year, and I’ve done it ever since. I recommend others to do track because it’s a very social sport, so it’s a great way to make friends.” In conclusion, track is a great way to become active throughout the school.