Lincoln-Way Lunch


Hailee Marek, Staff Reporter

The Lincoln-Way East cafeteria offers so much to eat and drink. Some of the homemade food that they sell are cookies, muffins, Bosco sticks, and fries. They also sell chips, granola bars, pop tarts, and pretzels. The lunch service also has many drinks to choose from if you are thirsty. These drinks include juice, water, pop, and three different types of milk. Every Tuesday the hot lunch consists of either tacos, nachos, and walking tacos. Thursday is pasta day which they switch off serving raviolis, pasta noodles, and tortellini. All of these come with either alfredo or marinara sauce. If you are looking for a healthier choice, they also sell salad, wraps, fruit, and smoothies. After interviewing some students, I asked them what their favorite thing to buy was. Out of 20 students 11 said their favorite was the cookie, 3 said the fries, 3 said the grilled cheese, 2 said Poptart’s, and one said the pizza. Personally, my favorite snack is the cookies. Whenever they are out of them, my friends and I get upset because they taste delicious. If you ever forget your lunch or are feeling hungry for an extra snack, buy some food through the lunch service.