Australian Forest Fires


Omar Shatat, Staff Reporter

Recently there has been on going forest fires in Australia. The fires have been spreading rapidly and animals such as Koalas, Kangaroos, Sloths, etc have been suffering from the deadly flames that have been overtaking forests in Australia. This tragedy has occurred because of various reasons. Fires have been started do to lightning and the climate’s conditions. This year is one of the driest and hottest years for Australia. The combination of extreme heat, prolonged drought and strong winds have been the fuel for the wildfires happening in Australia. People have been raising money through charities to support the environment and to help all the animals. A staggering one billion animals are now estimated dead, and these numbers are still skyrocketing. The fires have reached over 12.35 million acres. If possible, donate to an Australian charity to support families with damaged homes and the many animals that still need to be saved.