LWE newspaper travels to Lockport


Megan Phillips, Staff Reporter

As part of the Lincoln-Way East newspaper and many other local school newspapers, there is a journalism conference every year. This year Lockport high school hosted it. The conference included a breakfast provided by Lockport, writers from Chicago Tribune and other newspapers, and many different break out sessions. I myself was very excited to see how other schools organize their newspaper. I hoped to hear different ideas of what they write about. Not only is this a good experience to dig deeper in the life of journalism but also to get to know different students from other schools. I enjoyed getting closer with my class as well. Some people ask what even is the newspaper? Does anyone even read it? Do you just do it so you can miss a day of school? Many people may question the importance of the paper, and I think this trip to Lockport will let us students reflect on the hard work we put into the newspaper. Here are a few words from a fellow author of the newspaper Kate Hackett, when asked what she was looking forward to most about the trip, “ I think the best part of the field trip will be seeing how other schools run their newspaper. This will also be a eye opening experience to better help our paper as well. I am also very excited to get closer with my class and other schools.” My classmates and I enjoyed this trip and a day off of school and a chance to recognize our hard work.