Cheer on NetFlix


Taryn Mainwaring, Staff Reporter

The new Netflix series “Cheer” displays all star and collegiate cheer as the tiresome and difficult sport it is. This Netflix series shows how difficult the sport is and how hard these athletes are worked at practice. Not only does it showcase how real cheerleaders practice, but it also showed the hardships some of the athletes on the team had to go through and how cheerleading, and going to practice, got their mind away from everything going on at home and helped them stay out of trouble. One of the athletes showcased in the show, Jerry, was one of the most inspiring and caring athletes on the team. He is by far the kindest and most selfless person I’ve ever gotten to know. On the Netflix show, you can see Jerry demonstrate something called “mat talk”. Mat talk is Jerry’s way to help motivate his teammates while they are performing a routine and to let his teammates know that he is there for them. Jerry and the cast of “Cheer” also got to perform on Ellen and Jerry got to demonstrate mat talk for her. This show on Netflix has provided the athletes on the show with so many opportunities and has been a great eye opener to the public about how real cheerleaders practice and perform. This new Netflix show is definitely one to watch!