Every penny counts

Own Christensen, Staff Reporter

If you go to LWE you know what prom and homecoming are. These events are something you reflect on for the rest of your life. We have to thank the schools for their efforts to organize these events and even for them to be offered to us. Some schools don’t even have these life-changing events at their schools. However, LWE can’t fund these events by themselves. They need our help to host these events in fun locations. But you don’t need to send money directly. That’s right, our treasurer Daniel Yunker has come up with a way for you and the school to benefit. All you have to do is show up at Portillo’s and buy food and that’s it. Some of the money you spend goes towards funding school activities and events. Now, just think of how easy that is. You show up at Portillo’s and invite friends to come join you. You and your friends have fun hanging out with each other, and the school can buy better supplies for other events. Then, when prom night comes you can go to a DJ clubhouse to have the best night with your friends all because you went to Portillo’s. The school wants to support these events, but it needs your help. If you want to help, a little donation to these events help a lot.