Prison Break Review

Kevin Cech, Staff Reporter

Prison Break is a show about prisoners who continuously try to, well, break out of prison. It’s pretty cool because the first season is based in Joliet, Illinois. Michael Scofield is the main character throughout the show. In the beginning, Michael’s brother, Lincoln, gets convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. Lincoln gets put into jail, in Joliet, which is a real jail in Joliet. Michael must try and find a way to get his brother out of jail. He decides that it’s best that he gets thrown into jail in order to break Lincoln out. As this process goes along, Michael and Lincoln run into a few more jail mates. These people catch on to the fact that Michael is trying to break Lincoln out and they want in on it. Michael isn’t so sure at first, but the others threaten to rat Michael and Lincoln out. So, Michael is forced to let them in on the breakout. Once they all eventually break out, they must go on the run from the cops for a long time. As they keep running, they leave behind little clues as to where they’ve been, not purposefully, which keep the cops on their tail. As season two wraps up, everybody decides to go their own way, except for Lincoln and Michael. The main setting of season three is a maximum level security prison in which Michael and some of the jail mates end up in, though Lincoln is on the outside of this one. Season three wraps up with a thriller of an episode with another one of Michael’s brilliant breakouts. In season four, the jail mates meet up again to help an agent, ironically, break into a house. They attempt the break in many times, but it’s very difficult because Michael has a very recognizable face in the United States. If you are looking for a dramatic thriller, this would be a great show for you to watch!