The All-Star Weekend

Kellen Tanner, Staff Reporter

This year Chicago will be hosting the All-Star weekend for the NBA. The All-Star weekend is an event where the premier players in the league meet up to compete in a multifarious assortment of events. The event I’m most looking forward to is the skills competition. In this competition, players will be competing in a test of agility, quickness, and accuracy. The players go head to head to see who can complete the course first, similar to a race. The reason this is my most anticipated event is because Chicago’s very own Derrick Rose is returning to the city to compete in it. Another fan favorite is the dunk contest. In this event, players demonstrate their creativity and athleticism through a display of dunks. After each dunk, five judges rate it out of ten, and this score is then compiled to figure out the winner. While this contest has been lackluster in recent years, hopefully it can live up to the glory of the 2016 dunk contest. The three-point contest takes place on the same day as these other two events. During this contest, there are five racks around the three-point line and players have to go to each and make as many shots as possible within the allotted time. Finally, the day after these competitions the main event takes place. The All-Star game is a 5 vs 5 game of basketball in which each team has 10 players that the captain has hand selected. This game is always a hit because of the fast pace it has. It is an extremely high scoring game in which players constantly pull up from deep, throw down crazy dunks, and just make some impressive plays. I may have only mentioned these 4 main events but there are multiple more, if you are curious it is taking place at the United Center from February 14th to February 16th.