Different High School Experiences

Jocelyn Harbeck, Staff Reporter

After only going to Lincoln-Way East for my high school years, I realized I didn’t know what any other high school was like. I thought all high schools were about the same, and I kept this thought until after talking with some of my friends at gymnastics practice who go to other schools. So I decided I should interview one of them to be able to see the differences and see how different your high school experience is from school to school. I interviewed Brooke Barber as she goes to Homewood-Flossmoor and is a freshmen there coming from a private school.

Do you have every class everyday?
No, we don’t. We have what is called a “block” schedule so we only have certain classes on certain days which can be nice when you forget to do your homework but also can be difficult when needing to remember about tests since it isn’t always necessarily the next day.

Do you just have one building?
No, we have more than one building therefore we got longer passing periods as it can take up to 8 minutes just to walk to the next building. If you’re injured, there’s a bus you can take that will take you in between buildings, and if it’s really cold on certain days then everyone can take the bus system. You just have to make sure you get there in time.

From coming from a private school, how different is your high school from your middle school?
To start, obviously the class sizes are a lot bigger, but I think that’s just from me coming from a private school. In our high school, we have a lot more opportunities as there are more people to fulfill them. I expected high school to be just like it is in the movies, but when in reality it’s not as dramatic as it seems. I think everyone at Homewood-Flossmoor would agree we have some major cliques in the school, but most of us just keep a small friend group and go to school just to learn and be with friends.

How do you think your high school experience would differ if you went to a different school?
I’m not sure my experiences would be much different besides having different friends, but I think you find the same group of people at each high school and can find people with the same interests and such because not everyone is the same at every school. Every school has different groups of people and it’s all about finding one that suites you.

Over all I think that no two people are going to have the same high school experience regardless if they go to the same school. I think it’s more about the friends you surround yourself with and the activities you are involved in. Everyone says high school is the best four years of your life but in my opinion I think high school is what you make of it.