Fashion 2020

Bridget Stagno, Staff Reporter

It’s that awkward time of the year when the weather is warm one week and snowy the next. It’s hard to coordinate outfits when the weather is uncooperative but here are some that will keep you looking trendy and warm at the same time.
1.) Oversized graphic t-shirt with long sleeve turtle neck underneath and a pair of mom jeans. Pair with air force 1’s.
2.) Ripped mom jeans and an oversized college nootie always looks cute when you don’t want to dress nice but still want to look cute! Pair with air-force 1’s and Nike elite socks
3.) You know what else is in? Color blocked sweaters. Color blocked sweaters are a great statement and look great with leggings or jeans.
All of these outfits could be paired with air force 1’s or vans. All super cute and very easy to style! You also don’t have to put a lot of effort into the outfits because they look cute with anything.