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Mario Zambrano, Staff Reporter

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As winter approaches and both your toes and fingers begin to freeze, the only thing on any summer lover’s mind is when will summer be here?! I ,for one, am that person. Warm weather, long days, and all the endless memories are what get me through the bitterness of the other seasons. So, what do I do in the meantime while I cope with this darkness and enjoy the winter wonderland of Chicago, you may ask? Well, I obviously can’t grab a kiddie pool and tan in my backyard or run around with a snow cone in hand, but I can bump tunes with some of my favorite people and reminisce about our summer adventures. Last summer was the best one yet; I had just gotten my license. All that freedom, including having a later curfew, made me never want to grow up. Shout out to my man-Peter Pan. However, even with my road trips and late-night sessions to Taco Bell, having the time now to think about summer only makes me want to work harder this school year so I can truly relax without worry. It also makes me grateful for all of my friends and family that I share summertime memories with. So next time you’re freezing every inch of your body off, remember only a little over 200 days left until we’re free for the summer! “The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever”