Be a Hero This Holiday

Lexi Wols, Staff Reporter

The holiday season: spending time with loved ones, realizing all that you are thankful for, giving gifts receiving gifts. For many, this is the regular holiday drill. Unfortunately, some people don’t have a chance to do these things. We as a community can change that! This holiday season you can give back. In various simple ways, you can make someone’s holiday special.
One organization that you can volunteer for is Feed My Starving Children. This organization gives you the opportunity to pack meals for thousands of kids around the world. You can set it up with a team, or a group of friends and it is an amazing bonding experience. The kids that receive these meals need it more than ever, so by doing something so simple, you are changing a life. The shifts are two hours and within that two hours you pack meals that hundreds of kids will end up receiving.
Sadly, many families are unable to afford to give their children what they want for the holiday. If you are someone who can afford to donate a few new toys, Marine Toys for Tots is a program you may want to look into. Their mission is to collect and distribute new toys to children who are less fortunate. For many of these kids, one toy could mean so much. One simple donation could bring hope to a child. This program exemplifies what this season is all about.
Lastly, you can donate to the Make a Wish Foundation. By donating, you help a child who is critically ill get one step closer to their biggest wish. This not only gives patients and families strength, but studies proved that wishes give children a higher chance of survival! Not only will this make you feel hopeful, but for patients it is a whole new level of happiness.
When you take a step back, it is easy to realize how much one donation or a few hours of volunteering could help to brighten the days of people in need. Be a hero this holiday season, it’s not much to ask, and comes with an amazing feeling for everyone involved.