Fun Activities to do in the Snow


Ezequiel Urcino, Staff Reporter

As winter approaches, it will start to snow and get colder. That does not mean we have to stay indoors for three months. There are still activities to do outdoors. A survey was done, and the most popular snow activity is snowball fights. During snowball fights, you can do all kinds of creative things to make it more interesting, such as building forts, igloos, or even a stadium if there is enough snow.
Building igloos or digging caves is another fun activity. You can do all kinds of things in you little hideout, such as reading, coloring, telling stories, writing, or just for alone time. Nobody may even no that you are hiding in the snow.
Another popular activity is building a snowman. This activity is admired by many children, mainly because they adore Frosty the Snowman. There are many ways to customize a snowman. You can put a beach hat with sunglasses and a t-shirt inspired by summer. You can also put a cowboy hat with boots and farmers’ clothing inspired by farmers and cowboys. You can also create a classic snowman with a top hat, scarf, mittens, and a carrot nose inspired by winter.
Sledding is also a very fun activity. It almost feels like a roller coaster when you are riding down a precipitous hill. It also makes it more fun when riding down with a friend or sibling to create more speed. It would also be funny if you fall off your sled and go face down in the snow.
Ice skating is also very fun. Even though the sidewalks are not safe to roller skate on during the winter, a related activity would be ice skating. If you have not had any experience, make sure you have protective gear because the ice is hard if you fall. Experienced ice skaters can have races or do cool tricks like on The Olympics.
Ice hockey is a fun activity for people who like sports. Even though it is cold outside and is harder because it is on ice, it is still fun. It has about the same rules as regular hockey, so it should be equally as fun. Make sure you are experienced in ice skating though.
These are some of the popular snow activities. Make sure to have warm clothing so you can enjoy these activities and not go inside after five minutes. If you do, have some hot chocolate, warm up, and continue having fun outside.