Gloat Your Coat!

Kellen Tanner, Staff Reporter

The winter weather can turn any regular old errand run into a treacherous battle between you and mother nature, so I am here to help you properly prepare for that battle. My first recommendation, and most importantly, you should always have on either a thick sweatshirt or an overcoat. A t-shirt gives you zero thermal protection and you need more than just that. Another recommendation is pants. A lot of boys say, “I don’t need pants because my legs don’t get cold.” Your legs might not feel cold but having on pants will you keep you warmer for much longer than if you just wore shorts. Something that is not necessary, but you could really benefit from is a hat or earmuffs. Even though the whole,” 75% of your body heat comes out your head,” thing is a myth, hats do help you stay warmer for longer. Another bold option is putting an old shirt over your face to help with windchill. Not only is this flawlessly effective, but it is also a perfect way to make a fashion statement. It’s also an excellent option for when you are sledding with family and friends, shoveling, or even caroling. While you’re out belting those carols, make sure you bring gloves. A person gets frostbite because their bodies pull the blood out of the cold ends of your body and brings them to your organs which causes those bloodless extremities to freeze; gloves help keep your hands warm which prevents the blood from leaving. Also, no one likes that weird ten-minute period when you finally get inside where you can’t move your hands. If gloves are not enough, you can also invest in some hand warmers to put inside your gloves. My final piece of advice is to wear proper footwear. I know you love your Birkenstock’s, but you have to look out for your toes, frostbite is no joke. Make sure your shoes are not open toed, and when you’re walking around avoid getting snow in your shoes. Having wet socks on a sub 20-degree days is a near death sentence.