Staying Warm Through the Winter


Megan Phillips, Staff Reporter

As the cold whether shortly approaches or some may say it’s already here, some days you feel as if you can not get warm. Students are coming into school with winter coats and at the end of the day some still have those on. In order to stay warm this season, I would recommend bundling up everywhere you go. If possible make some hot chocolate or coffee to keep warm. Not only are these months cold, many people are catching common colds. In order to stay away from the doctor, dress warm so you don’t get sick. On weekends, I would snuggle up with a blanket and watch a nice holiday movie with your family. Here are a few words from, freshmen Natalie Hrkel, when asked about ways to stay warm over the winter, “I would recommend a heated blanket, fuzzy clothes, socks, and adding a nice cup of hot chocolate always helps.” It is not always easy to stay warm, but with these tips I hope u can enjoy the cold season just a little bit more.