Winter Outfits

Jasmine Muhammad, Staff Reporter

Winter Outfits
The winter season is coming and that means outfit trends are changing. Here are 7 great outfits to wear in the winter:
1. Wearing a cute animal print winter coat with a V-neck shirt and skinny black jeans would be cute. Add some
earrings to spice up the outfit. For the ending piece, wear some cute Ugg boots to complete the final look.
2. A faux-fur coat with dark denim pants, black heel boats, and a black shirt would make someone’s day.
3. A platinum blond sweater matched with tan high boots, and light washed jeans is an awesome way to catch
someone’s eye.
4. Wearing a white and black checkered cropped sweatshirt goes perfect with high-rise black jeans and black
Doc Martens or Nike Air Force 1’s are a great way to feel cute and confident throughout the day.
5. A tight flowing dress with a black leather jacket and high boots would make you feel like a model during
the day.
6. Wear a black tight-fitting dress with some black tights’ underneath with Doc Martens. Add some silver
hoops, and you would get you plenty compliments during the day.
7. A black corduroy jacket with a white shirt, black and white checked pants, and black Ugg’s would make you
feel stylish and pretty.
A girl named Kennedy Crockett, who is a friend of mine, said “Outfits can make you feel poppin’ when you feel like trying.” I couldn’t agree more. Having a cute outfit changes your whole mood throughout the day. I could look and feel cute when I try. There it is, 7 cute outfits to wear in the winter.